Walk Albina’s Black History

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The Albina Neighborhood of Portland is an area rich in culture and history. We try our best over the course of our adventure to give an engaging and informative overview of each stop along the way.

Still there is so much more we can learn. Here are some recommended resources to learn more about the neighborhood and the community who have lived there.

Dawson Park and Community Survival

How Dawson Park survived as a black hub

Eliot History Spotlight: Dawson Park

Dawson Park Gazebo

Whitest city? Sure, but a thriving black community, too

Dawson Park


The North/Northeast Business Association

The Soul District

The Urban League, Civil Rights, and Housing Discrimination

Urban League of Portland

National Urban League

Activist Edwin C. "Bill" Berry

The Struggle for Civil Rights in Portland

Urban League of Portland

Gibson, Karen. Problems of Racial Justice in Portland, 1968-2010: Revisiting the City's "Kerner Report." In Reinventing Race, Reinventing Racism. Edited by John Betancur and Cedric Herring. Boston: Brill, 2014.

Former Site of Van’s Olympic, Jazz, and Gentrification

Portland's Williams Avenue Jazz Scene

North Portland bar LV's Twelve-22

Losing Albina

Jazz Town

How Portland is Pushing Out Its Black Residents

Paul Knauls, Sr.

Swingin' Albina

Hern, Matt. "What is a City For" in Common Ground in a Liquid City Essays in Defence of an Urban Future. Oakland: AK, 2010.

Dietsche, Robert. Jumptown : The Golden Years of Portland Jazz, 1942-1957. Corvallis: Oregon State University Press, 2005.

Vancouver Ave First Baptist Church, Religion and Civil Rights, the Great Migration and Vanport

Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church added to National Register

Vancouver Avenue Baptist Church

Vancouver Avenue church earns a place in nation's history

The Vanport Flood

OPB: Vanport

Oregon Encyclopedia: Vanport

How Oregon’s Second Largest City Vanished in a Day

An Act of God... or Racism?

Taylor, Quintard. "The Great Migration: The Afro-American Communities of Seattle and Portland during the 1940s." Arizona and the West 23, no. 2 (1981): 109-26.

Empty Lot cleared for Legacy Hospital Expansion, Urban Renewal, Black Panthers

Fifty-Six Years of Urban Renewal

North/Northeast Portland in the 1950s and 1960s

Albina Residents Picket - 1973

Exhibiting Documenting History of Eliot Neighborhood

"We're going to defend ourselves"

Attempts to Make Amends for Razing Neighborhood

Black Panthers in Portland

Involvement with the Portland Chapter of the Black Panther Party

Burke, Lucas N. N., and Jeffries, J. L. The Portland Black Panthers : Empowering Albina and Remaking a City. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2016.

Harriet Tubman Middle School, School Segregation and Busing, United Front

Desegregation and Multiculturalism in the Portland Public Schools

African American Community Protests School Board

Civil Rights an Oregon Experience

Portland Black United Front Oral History Project

North Portland's Harriet Tubman and Humboldt Schools Closed

Portland Public Schools May Delay Opening of Two Middle Schools

PPS Says it Will Reopen Tubman

General Albina Sources

Albina Area

The History of Portland's African American Community

History of the Albina Plan Area

Bleeding Albina: A History of Community Disinvestment